Manhattan, New York - Empirical Data Insights (EDI) has recently published a report titled 'Anti Counterfeit packaging for Food and Beverages market 2017-2027'. It is a well-known fact that the Food and Beverages Industry is one of the highest grossing industries of all time.
In 2018 alone, it is expected to generate revenue of US $87,971 million, with an 11.3% growth rate.
Every booming industry is expected to go through certain pitfalls and shortcomings and that is certainly the case for the Food and Beverages industry. Unexpectedly though, one of the pitfalls of this industry has given rise to the growth of another industry designed to counter these pitfalls. This is none other than the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Industry for Food and Beverage market. Before we go deep into statistics, it is necessary to elucidate the need out of which the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Industry arose. Counterfeit packaging is a phenomenon that occurs when your food products have been tampered with in the form of incorrect labeling, erasing of online printed batch numbers, or even application of stickers with incorrect information about the food product. While this not only reflects poorly on the manufacturers of the food product, it also poses a veritable hazard to consumers everywhere. Ingestion of such food products can lead to dire consequences for one's health. In Ancient Rome, Roman Signet rings, which were unique to every person, were dipped in hot wax and used to seal letters and packages. However, Signet Rings for such huge population count would not be a feasible or a lucrative option. What would seem better is a committee designed to counter the rising counterfeiting and that is exactly how the Anti-Counterfeiting Industry was born. The Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Industry had grossed overall revenue of $26.4 billion in 2014. The Industry exercises major influence in the United States of America, followed by European and Asian countries.
This report studies the global Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies market analyzes and researches the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.

This report focuses on the top players in the global market, like:

1. 3M
2. Avery Dennison
3. Digimarc
4. Applied DNA Sciences
5. Illinois Tool Works
6. Du Pont
7. Impinj
8. Zebra Technologies Corp
9. UPM
10. Essentra PLC

Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers:

United States
Southeast Asia

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into:

Coding & Printing Technology
Holographic Technology
Security Label
Packaging Design

Market segment by Application, Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies can be split into:

Detergent Alcohol
Synthetic Lubricating Oil

Current Solutions and Innovations to Mitigate the Counterfeiting Issues Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the most helpful solutions to the problems of counterfeit packaging for it is able to track products through wireless radio signals thus ensuring that a product rightfully sold by the manufacturer to consumers will not be easily tampered with. Companies are also employing the use of Barcodes to track their products, batches, etc which enables consumers to track food products and thereby eliminate the potential for counterfeiting. Other non-technological solutions include usage of holograms and watermarks on labeling. There have been significant developments in this field - an example of one would be the creation of DNA for package authentication. Applied DNA Sciences in liaison with packaging companies have come up with a specific DNA for specific packages, which would be unique much like the DNA of a human being. This DNA package authentication will minimize duplication and subsequently reduce counterfeiting of products.

The Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Industry is indeed slowly rising. However, there is still a lot of potentials for research to minimize the effects of counterfeiting and also scope for research in this field for companies looking to secure their packaging processes. This an industry dedicated to serving both spectrums of the food product industry, the companies, and the consumers.

For more detailed information and insights on the Anti-Counterfeit packaging for Food and Beverages market, contact our analysts at sales@empiricaldatainsights.com

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