Manhattan, New York – Empirical Data Insights, lately, released a report on the “Battlefield Management Market” (2018 to 2025)


Battlefield management refers to the use of defense systems in wars and insurgency operations. It incorporates data acquirement & processing to improve the military’s command & control. The global battlefield management market is estimated to grow during 2018 to 2025 (forecast period). These systems offer actual data to defense units for making effective decisions.

Battlefield management systems, also known as BMS, facilitate overall situational cognizance. They achieve it through the effective display of key data to company commanders.They also provide integrated common operating picture with the aid of collaborative devices. The same assists strategic commanders to makeknowledgeable& receptive decisions. It even helps tactical officers to effectively control dynamic & fluid battlefield activities.

Some of the vital drivers of the battlefield management market comprise regional disputes, higher defense budgets, and army innovations. In addition to these, tension among Middle Eastern nations should propel the market in the forecast period. Also, the adoption of systems for specialized war purposes drives the industry.

BMS (battlefield management systems) help soldiers in their operations through the display of C2 (command and control) data (pertaining to personal troops, enemy troops, plan overlaps, and topographical properties). To offer such kind of information, BMS use novel software & hardware components.The key building elements of BMS are touch screens and computers.

Other factors, contributing to market sales include the demand for the safety of military troops&better defense efficiency. On the other hand, the evolution of battlefield management system presents hindrances in the form of mentorship, data communication, and man-machine interface. BMS trackers offer accurate data-measurement devices and communication-clarity to soldiers.

Various categories into which the battlefield management market is fragmented; consist of systems, platforms, components, and geographical regions.The systems are imaging& navigation, networking, communication, and computing.Platforms comprise vehicles, headquarters, and soldiers. The components encompass wireless communication and others. Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa form the regions.

Among systems, imaging &navigation led the market in 2016. Increasing regional insurgencies, defense funds, &circumstance-based awareness drove its need. In terms of platforms, vehicles dominated in 2016. Their supremacy was credited to the need for warfare programs & connected vehicles, contemporary defense operations, and accessibility to durable& tiny electronic parts.

With regards to components, wireless communication led the industry in 2016. Its growth was ascribed to changes in warfare operations and significance of blue force tracking. In terms of geographical regions, North America captured the highest shares and is predicted to lead the industry from 2018 to 2025. Massive deployment of battlefield systems &investments on military reforms could result in the growth of North America.

The worldwide industry is highly competitive, with its eminent players being Harris and Lockheed Martin. Other participants spending on the market are Thales Group, SAAB AB, and Raytheon Company. In 2015; Rolta India Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd, and Larsen and Toubro Ltd were rewarded around Rs 50, 000 crores for the creation of advanced battlefield systems.

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